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A mishloach manot fundraiser is a great way to help you raise money, and utilizing’s proven system, it can be fun too!

The mitzvah of giving mishloach manot, or Purim baskets (also called shalach manot or shlach monos), dates to the story of Purim.The Book of Esther (9:22) instructs us in the “sending of portions of food to one another” on Purim. Many Jewish organizations have turned this practice into a wonderful fundraiser, where they charge a small fee per recipient to send mishloach manot to their members.

Using, members pay their organization to collectively deliver shalach manos on their behalf to other members. The synagogue or school charges a fee, typically $3-$6 per recipient selected by each member. Only one basket of food is sent to every member who was selected, along with a list of the names of the people sending to that person. In other words, if 10 people decide to send to you, you will receive one basket, along with a list of the 10 names.

These profitable fundraisers also provide a service for your members. By distributing mishloach manot on behalf of your members, you’ll be helping them out—doing something for them that they may not have time to do on their own and, often, at a more affordable cost than what they could put together on their own.

Purim projects are also great community-builders A great way to promote interaction between your members, and make new members feel welcome. can help make this happen.

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